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Sourced from the pristine landscapes of Kivalliq Nunavut, Northwestern Ontario, and Manitoba, our blueberries embody the essence of the North, cultivated with care and harvested with pride.
Sourced from the pristine landscapes of Kivalliq Nunavut, Northwestern Ontario, and Manitoba, our blueberries embody the essence of the North, cultivated with care and harvested with pride.

Indigenous Youth Entrepreneurs plan seasonal food production project

Discover how Indigenous youth in Winnipeg, Manitoba, are leading a groundbreaking seasonal food production project with the Niriqatiginnga program. Through arts, entrepreneurship, and digital media literacy, they're planning to craft homemade jams for the upcoming fall and holiday season.

Niriqatiginnga Program Exploring Exciting Plans for Fall and Winter Jam Collection

This month, we’re thrilled to bring you the latest ‘scoop’ on the groundbreaking Niriqatiginnga program here in Winnipeg, Manitoba! As the program enters its next phase, it’s buzzing with activities as entrepreneurs, students and youth have been exploring the creation of a unique line of homemade jams for the upcoming fall and holiday season.

At the heart of the Niriqatiginnga programme is its Youth, Arts and Media project. It’s a transformative opportunity for urban and newly-urban Indigenous youth to engage with participatory food security projects while honing their skills in arts, entrepreneurship and digital media literacy. As a new and growing pilot program, youth and aspiring entrepreneurs receive comprehensive training and exposure to various food sector entrepreneurship roles. Through hands-on activities, they develop life, career and job skills, supporting outreach, relationship building, organizational development and engagement. Youth, Arts and Media project components of Niriqatiginnga are also funded by the Youth Employment and Skills Program funded by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

Working with Winnipeg-based Niriqatiginnga, the program will also study the impacts of mentorship programs that pair experienced Nutrition North Canada and Manitoba food sector entrepreneurs with urban and newly-urban Indigenous youth. This focus and resulting insights will help youth gain valuable skills and insights into entrepreneurship and the food sector, while working to address issues of northern food insecurity.

This April, youth and artists started to conceptualize some of the products they aim to develop this coming year. The plans are currently to have a complete product harvested and developed for sale on-line and at local marketplaces by the fall and winter, just in time for the holiday season. The youth are very keen this summer to engage with local food producers and farmer’s markets.

In May, the project and youth media team will continue reaching out and canvassing online to gauge interest and opinions on what they’re planning to produce. Keep your eyes peeled as we bring you the latest updates on this dynamic project.

This is a youth program. You can help them out!

Niriqatiginnga is an introductory and foundational program, aimed largely at supporting Indigenous youth participation. It’s an environment where everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to teach.

With all of these activities being developmental and emergent in nature, they are actively looking to build relationships and engage with grocery stores, gift shops and distributors who might want to order their creations. They’re also seeking food sector input and networking to give them a bit of advice and guidance as we collectively learn and grow. Your support in sharing this post, and passing along within your networks could make a huge difference to the youth and their project. Please pass it along to those who might be interested, and encourage them to reach out to us!

Programs To Explore: Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership

The Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership, in partnership with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada provides funding for initiatives and the development of innovative partnerships that enhance relationships with Indigenous peoples and increase Indigenous participation and opportunities in Manitoba’s agriculture and agri-food economy; including the development and growth of local food systems to empower food sovereignty. 

We’re incredibly thankful for the support these programs have given us, and we encourage other programs, communities and organizations to check out their programs too. For more information on Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership program streams in Manitoba, visit:

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The Niriqatiginnga Pilot Project serves as a prototype social program, arts entrepreneurship and online marketplace incubating data- driven research and innovation, capacity building and collaborative partnerships to address food insecurity in northern communities. The program uses a fusion of creative arts and data-driven approaches to cultural entrepreneurship, through partnerships with northern Indigenous Elders and youth, local Winnipeg businesses, Manitoba farmers, food producers, artists and researchers.

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As a community program, nurturing the skills, knowledge, and networks of our future leaders, this unique, pilot program contributes beyond the success of its participants. Niriqatiginnga also lays foundations for sustainable and impactful business and entrepreneurship programming across the Kivalliq Region and Northern Manitoba.