In the 1920s, long before she would grace the silver screen and capture the hearts of millions, Snow White was born in the unlikeliest of places—a cozy diner in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba called the Weevil Cafe.
This community-based, Indigenous youth-driven pilot program is supported by the OpenAI Researcher Access Program.

Summer 2024 Program Update

Learn about Indigenous Data Sovereignty and its role in empowering Inuit, Red River Metis, and First Nations communities, ensuring data control and self-governance.

Niriqatiginnga is a collective of volunteers, artists, youth, community-based projects, nonprofit organizations, academia and businesses exploring capacity building through the arts, climate and food sector entrepreneurship. Join us this summer as we connect with Winnipeg and Manitoba-based arts, programs and organizations that inspire us, and to learn about the work they do best. 

The Arctic Council is inviting submissions for the Arctic Youth Conference, a unique chance to engage with passionate youth from in and around the Arctic!

Visiting the Urban Shaman Contemporary Art Gallery, where Indigenous art and innovative exhibitions like Melissa Johns’ Hand-Me-Downs come to life.

Readers from 01 April to 07 July 2024
Impressions from 01 April to 07 July 2024

This summer, we’re making it our mission to get off the screen and out around Winnipeg, to meet those special artists, entrepreneurs, food sector businesses and non-profit organizations that inspire us.

Upcoming Events

Deadline for Session and Workshop Proposals: Arctic Youth Conference 2025
August 15, 2024 – The Arctic Council is inviting submissions for the Arctic Youth Conference, a unique chance to engage with passionate youth from in and around the Arctic!

Designing our Creative Journeys
August 16, 2024 – Join us for an engaging session on designing our collaborative journeys. Our goal is to further build and maintain our international relationships with Minnesota and Manitoba youth, Niriqatiginnga, Global Dignity Winnipeg, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) and beyond.

Global Dignity Day 2024
October 16, 2024 – Global Dignity Day aims to empower individuals with the belief that every human being has the inherent right to live a life marked by dignity and respect.

Learn about the work we’re doing to bridge the arts and food security.

Funding will support Indigenous communities in protecting and expanding their IP interests and foster the development of future IP experts

Minister MacAulay toured the Indigenous Food Lab and met with representitives of NATIFS and their Indigenous Food Lab. Photo: Agri-Food and Agriculture Canada

Celebrate the remarkable achievements of the project teams heading to the 2024 Arctic Congress, including the dedicated students and faculty from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Get ready for an action-packed week at the Arctic Congress, starting May 29. Join experts Maeva Gauthier and Dr. Jeff Birchall to explore climate resilience and local-scale planning.

This inspiring gathering in Winnipeg, hosted by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Manitoba Arts Council, was a significant success.

Indigenous youth in Winnipeg, Manitoba, are leading a groundbreaking seasonal food production project with the Niriqatiginnga program. Through arts, entrepreneurship, and digital media literacy, they’re planning to craft homemade jams for the upcoming fall and holiday season.

Empowering youth to become powerful narrators of their own stories, Niriqatiginnga fosters advocacy, policy influence, and decolonized learning for Indigenous artists and cultural entrepreneurs.

When flooding ruined the Melgund Township recreation facilities, the Nuclear Waste Management Organization supported repairs and renovations. Learn More about the research behind visioning an international Centre of Expertise.

Niriqatiginnga was designed as an experimental and emergent pilot program, co-developed from the ground up with little to no starting resources. A project goal was to explore co-developing a prototype program, which could be replicated for urban, rural and remote areas.