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At Niriqatiginnga, we believe that innovation can happen anywhere. By encouraging our youth to leverage their surroundings and resources, we empower them to create meaningful change within their communities. Innovate where you are and watch incredible things unfold.

Northern Indigenous Economic Opportunities Program

CanNor is now accepting applications for the Economic Research Stream (ERS) of the Northern Indigenous Economic Opportunities Program (NIEOP), aimed at bridging knowledge gaps in the territorial Indigenous economic ecosystem through research and knowledge dissemination.

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June 21 is National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada.

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About Niriqatiginnga

As a community program, nurturing the skills, knowledge, and networks of our future leaders, this unique, pilot program contributes beyond the success of its participants. Niriqatiginnga also lays foundations for sustainable and impactful business and entrepreneurship programming across the Kivalliq Region and Northern Manitoba.