Welcome to our Niriqatiginnga Projects page. We’re excited to be starting this exciting new initiative in Fall-Winter 2023! 

Niriqatiginnga, functioning as a hub for learning and connection with community, will be piloted in modular, co-developed phases. Our project will begin during the fall and winter of 2023-2024. It will focus on three areas: capacity building, participatory food security research training and economic reconciliation through creative food sector entrepreneurship.

We are designing Niriqatiginnga as an experimental “framework” because we are aiming for modular and emergent experiences. Some components of the project will be smaller, shorter, and highly experimental while other activities will take longer, have a more formal structure and require a more sustained level of effort.  Each activity and “mini-project” overlaps with and complements the others.

Hosted every two years in Winnipeg, Northern Perspectives 2024 is a business and cultural showcase of Nunavut with focus on expanding the economic opportunities within Nunavut and partnership opportunities with businesses from Manitoba

This event is proudly takes place during the 2024 Northern Perspectives Conference:​

Learn more about how we’re designing Niriqatiginnga to align with advancing the Sustainable Development Goals.

Here is a list of food security, arts and community based research and resources we will be using for the Niriqatiginnga program. 

Thank you to our partners and supporters

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our generous partners, sponsors and supporters for making Niriqatiginnga possible and contributing to the success of our initiative.