We're Proud to be Members of the Kivalliq Chamber of Commerce

Niriqatiginnga is a proud member of the Kivalliq Chamber of Commerce, contributing to food sector opportunities across the Kivalliq, Nunavut, and Manitoba regions. Through our Chamber of Commerce, we access resources and connections vital to participating in the agriculture, agri-food and food production sectors. 

As active volunteers, we’re doing our part, to demonstrate the kind of commitment needed for an innovative, resilient and thriving Kivalliq economy. When you support the Kivalliq Chamber of Commerce, you support programs like ours. Become a member today.

We've spent most of this whole year consulting, engaging and preparing to launch Niriqatiginnga as a community-driven, food sector entrepreneurship program.

Our purpose is to support early career exposure to the food sector through creative arts and cultural entrepreneurship.

Over the last year, our Winnipeg-based project Niriqatiginnga, has become able to grow from being a small, grassroots pilot project, to a real and growing community arts collective.

Through our summer and winter youth arts programs, we provide a safe and supportive working and learning environment where young adults can learn, grow, and thrive through early career exposure. 

It’s through these creative food sector, arts and cultural entrepreneurship programming that Niriqatiginnga is able to have the resources and supports to nurture the potential of our youth. These inspiring food sector entrepreneurs and volunteers are the leaders of tomorrow.

In December 2023, our Winnipeg-based Niriqatiginnga project was approved for funding from Manitoba Agriculture the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership – Indigenous Food Systems Program. In January 2024, The Niriqatiginnga project established itself as an independent, Manitoba-based non-profit organization.

Working alongside the Kivalliq Chamber of Commerce, Niriqatiginnga’s first phase includes prototyping an online marketplace alongside their ‘living lab’ for Indigenous food sector entrepreneurship. As a pilot program, this new Manitoba-Kivalliq arts and culture marketplace will be able to sell not just food products, but arts, crafts and maybe even furs from hunters and harvesters too!

However, we cannot achieve this mission alone – our programming needs your support. Visit the Kivalliq Chamber of Commerce for more information about how your business or organization can contribute. 

Incubating Creative, Cultural and Food Sector Entrepreneurship

Through locally and regionally-focused programs, we have the power to transform the lives of young individuals and foster a thriving future for our communities. Your invaluable support is essential to the success of our youth initiatives, enabling us to shape tomorrow’s leaders. Join our mission of addressing northern food insecurity through donations, volunteering, or spreading awareness.

For more details on how to get involved or contribute, please visit the Kivalliq Chamber of Commerce sponsorship page. 

Thank you for standing with us in these new adventures!

Food Sector skills development and organizational capacity building

Your support has a tangible impact on the lives of young people in our community. With your help, we can:

  • Empowering Indigenous Food Sector Entrepreneurship: Providing internships and mentorship to aspiring food sector entrepreneurs, the project will equip learners with essential skills for agri-food, food production, and related fields. This outcome contributes to early-career exposure, fostering economic reconciliation, and fostering long-term and self-reliant individual and community well-being.
  • Establishing a Supportive Network: Through workshops, community building, and group interaction with peers and mentors, the project will create a supportive network extending beyond the program. This outcome nurtures a network able to facilitate ongoing relationship building, collaboration, and knowledge exchange, contributing to the sustainability and replicability of the program. This network will support future training and collaborations.
  • Enhancing Skills for Traditional Food Systems: The project supports preserving and revitalizing traditional food systems through training in canning, preservation, and transferable skills development. This outcome empowers participants with knowledge and techniques to preserve cultural heritage, traditional practices, support self-determination and food sector employment skills.
Niriqatiginnga is made possible with Funding from:

Join us in shaping the future of the Kivalliq business community. Contact the Kivalliq Chamber of Commerce to explore sponsorship opportunities tailored to your business needs and learn how you can make a meaningful impact while growing your brand presence across Nunavut and Manitoba. 

This web site is an outcome of digital arts and cultural entrepreneurship skills training with emerging Inuit youth artists and made possible with strategic innovation funding from the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Greenhouse. and Manitoba Arts Council Indigenous 360 program.

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