2024 Niriqatiginnga Fall Knowledge Sharing Symposium

Building on our first pilot project, the next iteration of Niriqatiginnga, as a not-for-profit organization, will explore enhancing and expanding skills development and training opportunities. In this project, emerging and aspiring food sector entrepreneurs will learn to create, market and sell a food product, while exploring opportunities for cultural and food sector entrepreneurship. 


Strengthening Relationships.

This phase of Niriqatiginnga moves beyond food preservation, to explore transferable skills for cultural entrepreneurship, food product development, marketing and organizational development.

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Date: October 9, 2024
Location: TBD
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Our opening session will feature opening remarks, with a retrospective look back on the first year of Niriqatiginnga, from its original concept as a community-based, participatory food security research project, to a community-driven not-for-profit organization.


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DateOctober 9, 2024
Location: 1864 Notre Dame Ave.
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Join the Manitoba-based Niriqatiginnga program as it explores the growing need for increased awareness and understanding of intellectual property (IP), the protection of Indigenous knowledge (IK) and cultural expressions (ICEs) among Indigenous artists, cultural entrepreneurs, and technology developers in Manitoba and Nunavut.


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Date: October 9, 2024
Location: 1864 Notre Dame Ave.
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Workshop participants will learn about the basics of participatory organizational development using arts and entrepreneurship-based approaches.


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Date: October 9, 2024
Location: 1864 Notre Dame Ave.
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Participants will take part in a roundtable visioning session about how we can boost collaboration, and conditions to support and sustain future project activities.

Niriqatiginnga: Towards a Framework for Northern Food Systems Innovation

Niriqatiginnga is co-designed with a wide range of industry and cross-sectoral stakeholder input, including: farmers, food producers, arts and culture, academia, government and food systems innovators. In December 2023, this component of Niriqatiginnga was approved for funding from the Sustainable Canadian Agriculture Program – Indigenous Agriculture and Food Systems program with Manitoba Agriculture

Advancing Economic Reconciliation

This developmental pilot project supports Indigenous early career exposure and cultural entrepreneurship capacity building for the Manitoba agri-food and agriculture sectors.

We acknowledge our thanks to our partners, sponsors and funders for making this program possible